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Frost Roadways and Revelations

Frost Roadways and Revelations

February Writing Contest Winners

Avery H., Lilah S., Emma P., Kaylin L., and Lucas K. March 7, 2024

“When choosing between being right and being kind, choose kind.” -Mr. Browne Students were asked what this quote meant to them. Here are the winners: Lucas Kersey - The meaning of this poem is really...

MLK Writing Contest Winners

MLK Writing Contest Winners

Najat M., Sophie G., Brooke S., Zoe P., and Kaylin L. February 12, 2024

The Past As it Was By: Najat M. His voice echoed through the town, proud and strong he stood, Atop his head an invisible crown, His mind and heart filled with good. Gazing across the...

November Writing Contest Winners 23-24

November Writing Contest Winners 23-24

Sasha L., Chloe K., Makayla C., Nishta S., Virginia W., and Betty C. December 11, 2023

Alluring Autumn By: Sasha L. I listened to the chirping of birds and the scarlet leaves as they sung Enchanted by the beauty this season has brung Chrysanthemum, amber, and gold Each season...

Spooky Skeleton

Spooky Short Story Contest Winners

Gabriella B., Wyatt D., Sydney S., Anna T., and Lori E. November 9, 2023
It's 1 am, and my dog Midnight is barking ferociously. The full moon casts an eerie glow over the sleepy town, casting long, ominous shadows that seem to dance in the cool October night. I jolt awake, my heart racing, as the frantic barks echo through the stillness. Something isn't right.
National Poetry Month Contest Winners

National Poetry Month Contest Winners

Yvonne L, Ellie M, Lori E. May 25, 2023
The winning poems for the end of the year contest.
Celebrating National Poetry Month!

Celebrating National Poetry Month!

April 18, 2023
April is National Poetry Month! To celebrate, we’re having a poetry contest. Submit a free verse or rhyming 16 -20 line poem about a topic of your choice.  Possible topics include Spring, Summer, School, Earth Day, Moving to High School, etc.
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Fairytale News Stories from Mrs. Champagne’s Journalism Classes

Samuel C. and Davyn F. March 27, 2023
Last week we posted a story on the three little pigs fighting off the wolf attacks but little did we know who the real victim was. 

The End of the Rainbow – Winner of the Leprechaun short story contest

Avery H. March 27, 2023
I quickened my pace. Each step felt like a burden, just another challenge before I reached the end goal: the end of the rainbow.
The True Story of Humpty Dumpty - A Fractured Fairy Tale

The True Story of Humpty Dumpty – A Fractured Fairy Tale

Avery H. March 20, 2023
Careful to balance on his fragile knee, Humpty Dumpty gazed into the stunning brown eyes of Ms. Bacon, soon to become Mrs. Bacon. 
Furry Friends Writing and Photography Contest Winners

Furry Friends Writing and Photography Contest Winners

Noelle L, Sophia W, Lillian H. March 20, 2023
The top 3 winners of the Furry Friends Writing and photography contest!
Photo credits to the New York Times

Winter Poetry Contest Winners

These 5 winning poems about the winter season, are spectacular and full of emotion, and talent!
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