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The Eras Tour - A “Midnight Rain” show in Nashville
The Eras Tour - A “Midnight Rain” show in Nashville
Joelle R., Editor-in-chief • May 30, 2023
FIRST WEEK OF MAY, 2023 - Nashville, Tennessee (AKA ‘The Music City’) was proud to welcome back their favorite singer and hometown girl, Taylor Swift. Tourism was high, spirits were higher, and then OOP---so were the storm clouds.
1st edition of The Martian on Wikipedia Commons - courtesy of Andy Weir
In 'The Martian', an astronaut faces death on planet far from home
Julia T. May 17, 2023

Have you ever thought about life on Mars? The book The Martian by Andy Weir...

Frost Drama will Fascinate Audiences with Willy Wonka
Frost Drama will Fascinate Audiences with Willy Wonka
Blue K. April 24, 2023
The cast and crew at Frost Theatre Department have been hard at work since January to put together a smashing new musical for you: Willy Wonka!
National Poetry Month Contest Winners
National Poetry Month Contest Winners
Yvonne L, Ellie M, Lori E. May 25, 2023
The winning poems for the end of the year contest.
Celebrating National Poetry Month!
Celebrating National Poetry Month!
April 18, 2023
Due April 28th!
Fairytale News Stories from Mrs. Champagne's Journalism Classes
Samuel C. and Davyn F. March 27, 2023
Last week we posted a story on the three little pigs fighting off the wolf attacks but little did we know who the real victim was. 
The Truth Behind a Unique and Fun English Teacher
The Truth Behind a Unique and Fun English Teacher
Rali K. June 2, 2023
Ever met a teacher so fun that you enjoyed every single one of their classes? This particular teacher is THE fun teacher: Mr. Beekman.
(Left): Happy Furball, age 5, cuddles up in his human’s lap after she’s had a long day. 
(Right): Photo by: Eliana C. of her dog
Cats vs. Dogs which are ultimately better?
Katie E. Lorelai K. June 2, 2023
Cat lovers and dog lovers have been fighting this topic for millenia - which of these pets is best and easiest for you to take care of? Sure, both pets are great, but when it comes down to it, did dogs even stand a chance? Cats have been sailing through our hearts for a long time, and now it’s time to find out what makes them superior.
As long as the music Is non explicit and school friendly it should be allowed to inschools 
(Music credits to Taylor swift) 
(picture credit to Alyssa T.)
Listening to music should be allowed in schools
Riley S., Isla M., and Alyssa T. June 2, 2023

We think that music should be allowed in schools, because music has always created a sense of belonging for teens, or even just a safe space...

Photo: Avery Chiang
Educational and workplace gender equality should be a priority
Eliana C. and Avery C June 2, 2023
Pay gaps, biased treatment, demoralizing stereotypes, unwarranted harassment, and the lack of representation. These are only a few blatant instances of the gender disparity we see all around us.
Four day school weeks - are they even possible?
Four day school weeks - are they even possible?
Samvit H. Cal K. June 2, 2023
Think of this, it’s a Friday morning and your alarm doesn’t ring, you're allowed to sleep in and don’t have school. Your mom doesn’t pressure you to wake up, and you have the whole day to kill. You could do some extra homework, you could play video games, or you could even sleep some more. Maybe this should always be the case.
 A tornado (courtesy of NOAA)
Rare EF4 Tornadoes Tear Up Mississippi
Teo K. April 26, 2023
On 24-March-2023, tornadoes ripped through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. The town hit hardest was Rolling Fork, Mississippi. 35% of people in that area live under the poverty line. 
Frost’s students who competed in the first round!  Salma D. (bottom row, 2nd on the left) and Casey M. (top row, 3rd from the right) advanced to the second round.
Frost Deaf/Hard of Hearing Students are Optimistic!
Joelle R., Siyona K., and Cate S. April 25, 2023
On February 9th, 2023, Deaf/Hard of Hearing students at Frost participated in a competition hosted by the Optimist Club of Central Fairfax. The competition, “Discovering the Optimism Within Me,” focused on helping students recognize the joy they possess inside, and what they want to be when they grow up.
Review: The 100
Review: The 100
Anna T. June 1, 2023
Read the 100 to unravel mysteries and find yourself on cliffhangers at the end of every chapter. The 100 is an exciting read that I highly recommend to high schoolers and adults. 
Brown Girl Dreaming: A Review
Brown Girl Dreaming: A Review
Siyona K., Editor-in-chief • May 30, 2023
“Then I let the stories live inside my head, again and again, until the real world fades back into cricket lullabies and my own dreams.” —Jacqueline Woodson, Brown Girl Dreaming
Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief (Spanish Addition)
Percy Jackson: A Modern Interpretation Of Ancient History
Eleri H. May 17, 2023
Percy Jackson is an exciting series that will keep you wanting more and more. Get ready to be blasted into a world of monsters, quests, powers, and more!
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