Winter Poetry Contest Winners


Photo credits to the New York Times

When I look out the Window by Nicholas C.

During winter when I look out my window I see

Children playing as happy as they can possibly be

When the first snowflake drops

I see excitement make their heads go POP!

When I look out my window I see

During winter when I look out my window I see

Parents shoveling snow that’s up to their knees

When the fire is cracking

The chestnuts are roasting

When I look out my window I see

During winter when i look out my window window I see

Eager children shaking their presents under the tree

They hope for this and that

And some hope for a cat

When I look out my window I see

During winter when I look out my window I see

The holiday spirit has come to be

The best time of year

everyday laughter I hear

When I look out my window this is what I see


The Spring to Come by Julia K.

When I look out the window during winter I see snow falling in silent blankets

Frozen beauty encapsulated in a single flake

I see light in the window of a nearby cottage

Fire crackling steadily in the fireplace

Softly shining, a golden glow

The pine trees are a rich green despite the cold

I can almost hear their deep laugh, mocking the bitter wind

Small sparrows sit upon the fence

Chirping a hopeful melody

Of the spring to come.


Perception by Najat M.

I peer out through my window.


Awake they are, I know.

“What a sight!”


I screeched at the matriarch: “Oh my, what a sight!”

“My dear girl! Crow so loud and you’ll cause them a fright!”

Father next to the door is beaming with friction,

“Snow, today? What an infliction!”


I put on my boots and my father beckons outdoors,

A step out, and it’s colder than the bare bathroom floors!

My father grins at my shiver, “mighty brave of you”,

“Your brother wouldn’t come out even if I came too!”



No one knows it’s true incentive.



Thy to roar at the sound of people’s opinions?



Too many designs, way too perceptive!



For my cold, bare hands, to heat in direction?


Alas, it’s the end of the day.

Father says by tomorrow they’ll be on their way.

But what can I say?

An exhale is all I can afford within dismay.


A Snowman of Diversity by Caroline C.

No two snowflakes are alike

No two people are the same

Everyone has their own dislikes

Everyone has their own name


Each snowflake is a different size

Each person has a different mind

Every snowflake is a surprise

But not every person we meet is kind


The world around us is an amazing thing

The snowflakes’ patterns are complex

There are no snowflakes in the Spring

Luckily, for us, the Winter is next.


No two snowflakes are alike

Just like me and you

Every person is somehow unlike

Like we always knew.


Grayscale by Lillian H. 

My window fogs with

My breath. Pondering snowflakes.

Opposites from the


Same creation, but

Is that the complete story?

Or is it like mine?


Raised as all others,

Yet they fade like an old film,

Black and white but gray.


Can a reject be

Relatable? Do they not

Know all are same and


All are different?

They think life’s an Othello

Game. They forget gray.


Snowflakes drift past eyes.

Each one is unique, their own

Version of outcast.