Furry Friends Writing and Photography Contest Winners

My dog is so fat

By Noelle L.

My dog is so fat 

And he acts like a cat

Laying around all day

And on my bed is were he will stay

Wherever he sits he makes the place flat


by Lillian H.

My mind spirals round

And round. Can’t focus on work.

My cat’s here no more


She kept me grounded.

Now the world is dark and blurred.

I look at her sketch.


The one thing that keeps 

Me up, is the little one.

Her kitten meows.



My Pet Goose

By Sophia W.

Our gander is rather barbaric,

Even tougher than a stick.

My brother appears, and the goose shrieks

Ruthlessly lunging with a hissing beak,

Striking my brother, who runs away quick.