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Mr. Beekman!

Mr. Beekman: More Than An English Teacher

Rali K. June 2, 2023
Ever met a teacher so fun that you enjoyed every single one of their classes? This particular teacher is THE fun teacher: Mr. Beekman.
Fluff Piece: Cuddly Critters Come To Class

Fluff Piece: Cuddly Critters Come To Class

Alex D. June 2, 2023
72 out of 475 students that applied were chosen to participate in cuddling various critters from guinea pigs to a turtle, bunnies to a chicken– even a pig! The small petting zoo was provided by Squeals on Wheels.
Aman and Aziz, good friends since 3rd grade at Mantua, ended up in Journalism together and wrote these great pieces about each other.

Aman & Aziz: Profiles About One Another

Aman A. and Aziz A. June 1, 2023
Profiles: Huge Helmet Hiccup & Life Changing Accident At 4 Years Old
Located in Front Office

Ms. Shin Shines

Mikayla W. and Marin M. May 31, 2023

Teachers are seen as strict and only here to force information into your head. That is completely off for Ms. Shin. This only being her second year teaching, Ms. Shin is already nominated for teacher...

Ms. Tewelde with the author. Photo by Jennifer Champagne.

Ms. Tewelde teaches kindness and respect

Teo K. May 31, 2023
Students often don't think outside the box about their educators. They simply think "This is my educator, just an educator, why would there be any interesting backstory?" Well, many educators do have interesting backstories, and little-known instructional assistant Aster Tewelde is no exception.
English teacher Ms. Balduf by her desk and shelves, with fictional character merchandise, inside her classroom.

Ms. Balduf, The Wonder Woman Of Our School

Emily P. and Maggie W. April 27, 2023
Wonder Woman and Ms. Balduf. One is an inspiring, strong, wise hero, and the other is Wonder Woman. 
Frost’s students who competed in the first round!  Salma D. (bottom row, 2nd on the left) and Casey M. (top row, 3rd from the right) advanced to the second round.

Frost Deaf/Hard of Hearing Students are Optimistic!

Joelle R., Siyona K., and Cate S. April 25, 2023
On February 9th, 2023, Deaf/Hard of Hearing students at Frost participated in a competition hosted by the Optimist Club of Central Fairfax. The competition, “Discovering the Optimism Within Me,” focused on helping students recognize the joy they possess inside, and what they want to be when they grow up.
Jacks mug cake!

Jack M. Makes a Mug Cake

Teo K. April 25, 2023
Have you ever found something cool on the internet that you instantly learned how to do? Well, Jack M. quickly figured out how to make an Oreo Mug Cake by looking online. It was a recipe on TikTok, on his phone, and Milner decided to turn the text on the screen into a yummy reality. 
Students working on their projects!

7th Grade Students Challenged with a Collaborative History Project

Emory B. and Bibianna N. April 24, 2023
Seventh grade Frost Middle School students have recently finished a challenging and collaborative project. This project was to create a silent movie to represent a cause from the 1920’s; students were asked to film a silent movie with a group, or by themselves.
Mr. Murphy - Great teaching runs in his family

Mr. Murphy – Great teaching runs in his family

Kiet T. March 20, 2023
“I love teaching history, it’s an interesting topic, it’s really fun,” Mr. Murphy said. His favorite part of history to teach about is the Cold War. He says there are so many crazy stories of spies that not a lot of students know about and kids get really into learning about them.
Ms. Lee Shares Early Passions for Education

Ms. Lee Shares Early Passions for Education

Blue K., Alberto S., and Charley P. March 20, 2023

Ms. Lee knew she wanted to be a music teacher from early on in life. Her most prominent memory was that of a conversation between friends about her becoming a music educator. She loved music from the very...

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