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Frost Roadways and Revelations

Seen here are two 420 sailboats. They require a skipper and crew. Currently, they are going downwind.

How to Sail: The Basics of Sailing

Jackson D. April 17, 2024

“Sailing is a very delicate, but at the same time competitive sport. You have to stay focused constantly”, Said Sam Houghton, a fifteen year old who has sailed since the age of nine, at the Southport...

The final product of a student’s math notes.

How-To Build Notetaking Skills That You Will Need For The Rest of Your Life

Sophie G. April 17, 2024

Have you ever walked out of a class where you tirelessly took notes, and then when you looked back at them it looked like Morse code? There are a lot of people in that same position who struggle to take...

A soccer player using the form to kick the soccer ball.

How to score a goal

Hannah H. April 17, 2024

In soccer, scoring goals is the only way teams win games. It looks easy, but it isn’t. This article will give you the steps you need for the best soccer form, so you can score lots of goals.  “This...

How to find the perfect spot your your tent

How to find the perfect spot your your tent

Jackson K. April 17, 2024

Camping. A way to get out of the house and connect with nature. A way to listen to the birds singing and the water flowing. But you can’t grab your tent and throw it in a random place. You have to find...

How to stay organized

How to stay organized

Maxine K. and Sophie C. April 16, 2024

“I would recommend starting with something small, whether it's their room or home, and finding a strategy for one goal.” said Kim Kelshian, occupational therapist and mom to two. Kelshian is an...

Simryn’s busy schedule!

How to balance school and sports

Ana Lucia T. April 16, 2024

"On Fridays I wake up, do normal school stuff, go to Track until 3:30, do homework for an hour, and go to soccer.” said Simryn, a girl who plays soccer at least three times a week, and still manages...

Sophie N., Sunny R., Maiya V., Mackenzie T., and Alli B., standing together after they’d just won

FACS Cupcake Wars Captivates Students With Intense Competition and Flavor

Riley S., Arya D., Aziz A., and Bradley F. April 5, 2024

Five groups, five different cupcakes, only one can win. In Ms. Hansen's   FACS classes, just before Spring Break, groups of students competed in the ultimate challenge of creating the best tasting, and...

Ms. Raddock, ready for action!

Ms. Raddock, ready to teach at any time

Hannah H. and Sophie G. March 20, 2024

Seventeen years at Frost has never deterred her. During her years as an English teacher, Ms. Raddock has continued her teaching journey at Robert Frost Middle School. The bell rings and she jumps right...

Ms. Perina teaching her English class.

Patient, positive, passionate, Ms. Perina

Faith K. March 20, 2024

Starting with teaching her stuffed animals and playing school with anything she could find, Ms. Perina knew that one day she would become a teacher. Growing up, Ms. Perina always had an interest in...

Ms. Thomas teaching science to her students.

The love of science: from teacher to students

Olivia P. March 20, 2024

Bacteria, explosions, and chemical reactions are all part of a science teacher’s daily life. Mrs. Thomas has been interested in science for as long as she can remember. You could say that science...

Mr. Verbicar in his classroom teaching his family when they visited.

Vivacious Mr. Verbicar

Bradley F. March 18, 2024

The words flowed from his mouth like water, the pages leaping like synchronized swimmers. Mr. Verbicar is not just a staff member here at Frost, he is the best poetry club teacher ever. Mr. Verbicar...

Harmony in the Lunar Sky: Celebrating the Cultural Tapestry of Lunar New Year

Harmony in the Lunar Sky: Celebrating the Cultural Tapestry of Lunar New Year

Kailin H. and Nhi N. February 15, 2024

The sounds of music, dragon dances, drums, cheering, and fireworks, echo all around you as this lively annual event comes around the corner. Anytime between late January and mid February, many countries...

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