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Interested in SGA? A hard job that’s worth it!

Riley S., editor in chief September 14, 2023

The entire school decked out in flannel, thousands of food items being raised for the homeless, or even the candy grams you buy for all your friends during Valentines Day. These are all fun events that...

 A tornado (courtesy of NOAA)

Rare EF4 Tornadoes Tear Up Mississippi

Teo K. April 26, 2023
On 24-March-2023, tornadoes ripped through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. The town hit hardest was Rolling Fork, Mississippi. 35% of people in that area live under the poverty line. 
Frost’s students who competed in the first round!  Salma D. (bottom row, 2nd on the left) and Casey M. (top row, 3rd from the right) advanced to the second round.

Frost Deaf/Hard of Hearing Students are Optimistic!

Joelle R., Siyona K., and Cate S. April 25, 2023
On February 9th, 2023, Deaf/Hard of Hearing students at Frost participated in a competition hosted by the Optimist Club of Central Fairfax. The competition, “Discovering the Optimism Within Me,” focused on helping students recognize the joy they possess inside, and what they want to be when they grow up.
A spiraling tunnel of novels and textbooks. Photo: Pixabay/Ivan Pais

Juvenile interest in literature dwindles over time

Avery C. April 25, 2023
The importance of literacy and reading is something most students are familiar with. We have English classes, book clubs, and even a school library, all of which promote reading. However, despite the emphasis on reading, teen literacy and leisure reading rates have dropped drastically in the last decade.
The Collapses of Banks in the US: Contagion, Inflation, & Bank Runs

The Collapses of Banks in the US: Contagion, Inflation, & Bank Runs

Siyona K., Editor in chief April 25, 2023
The collapses of both Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank occurred in mid March, with depositors withdrawing huge amounts of money, and the fear of contagion continuing to spread rapidly throughout the United States.
Protesters In The Streets Of France (Photo Credits To Wikimedia Pictures)

Protesters Storm Through Streets Of France After Retirement Age Raised

Micaela B. April 24, 2023
Angry protesters rage through France, livid after French president Emmanuel Macron raised the retirement age from 62 to 64.  Fearing he wouldn't have the votes necessary to pass it, Macron used his constitutional powers to pass this new policy without a vote from the National Assembly, sparking feelings of injustice. 
Frost delegates after the conference!

Frost Model UN Team Takes Home 6 Awards

Austin J. and Crystal H. April 24, 2023

Fourteen delegates from Frost Middle School traveled to Alexandria to compete in a Model UN conference called TechMUN on the 24th and 25th of March. The Thomas Jefferson School for Science and Technology...

Kids and teachers overjoyed as they throw open the doors to a new class

Kids and teachers overjoyed as they throw open the doors to a new class

Samvit H. April 24, 2023
Have you had to walk back and forth all across the school every day? Well, the latest part of the Frost renovation is finally getting rid of all of that by moving the modular and trailer classes into the building once and for all. 
Students working on their projects!

7th Grade Students Challenged with a Collaborative History Project

Emory B. and Bibianna N. April 24, 2023
Seventh grade Frost Middle School students have recently finished a challenging and collaborative project. This project was to create a silent movie to represent a cause from the 1920’s; students were asked to film a silent movie with a group, or by themselves.
Spellers anxiously awaiting the start of the bee. (photo by Ms. Metzker)

Frost’s spellers battle it out in the 2023 Frost Spelling Bee

Riley S. and An Ngoc B. March 9, 2023
Nearly 50 students sat in the lecture hall of Frost Middle School, awaiting the start of the spelling bee. You could definitely feel the nerves lingering about the room, especially since kids had been anticipating and practicing for the big day. 
Frost Delegates At The Conference

Frost MUN Team Wins Best Delegation at GWCIA

Ben K. and Ryan H. January 9, 2023
On November 12th, 2022, the Frost Model UN Team attended GWCIA XXVII, a major conference with more than 400 attendees. Frost delegates participated in 10 of the 12 committees, and won 6 awards, with one verbal commendation, one outstanding delegate, and 4 best delegates, the highest honor available to a delegate. More importantly, Frost won Best Delegation, which is an award given to the best school in a conference.
School buses help lower gas emissions as people aren’t going on individual transportation.

Global Warming: Are humans to blame?

Addie R. January 6, 2023
Global warming, something that we have all experienced during the summer, making the heat unbearable at times. The cause of this has been mostly attributed to global warming. Global warming or commonly known as climate change, is defined as how the planet has been slowly warming up in past years, since 1880, because of us humans.
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