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November Writing Contest Winners 23-24

November Writing Contest Winners 23-24

Alluring Autumn

By: Sasha L.

I listened to the chirping of birds and the scarlet leaves as they sung

Enchanted by the beauty this season has brung

Chrysanthemum, amber, and gold

Each season making us feel emotions

Autumn no doubt bringing joy to young and old

The performance of crimson and vermillion warms you up like a fireplace

Colors dancing in your eyes, lighting up your face

That smell of new beginning

Oh how generous and kind

The scenery is like a piece of art, one that will be photographed in your mind

The midday light gleams through the leaves, the color scheme the same as a sunset

I listened to the chirping of birds and the scarlet leaves as they sung

Enchanted by the beauty this season has brung




By: Chloe K.

In autumn’s breath, a whispered hush,
Leaves ablaze in a vibrant rush.
Amber, scarlet, a palette grand,
Nature’s masterpiece, painted by hand.

Crisp winds weave through the golden trees,
Harvest tales upon the breeze.
Pumpkins bask in the sun’s warm kiss,
A symphony of color, nature’s bliss.

Maple leaves, like flames, ignite,
Dancing in the fading light.
Beneath the branches, a carpet unfolds,
A quilt of warmth in autumn’s holds.

Sunsets linger in a fiery trance,
A farewell waltz, a parting dance.
In every leaf that takes its flight,
Autumn whispers tales of delight.

A Thanks To Fall

By: Makayla C. and Nishta S.

A Thanks to Thanksgiving
A time full of food
A thanks to the filling
Which brings a great mood

A thanks to the breeze
That brings cheer like no other
A thanks to the leaves
For the vivid sea of color

A thanks to the weather
As perfect as can be

A thanks for the time together
As we are filled with glee

We love you dear fall
But you must come to an end
The cold is coming
But you’ll stay a great friend

Honorable Mentions

The Lost Leaf

By: Virginia W.

Gliding across the sky on a platform made of air
The whistling wind gives me wings, and adventure from its lair
I float across an Autumn-stricken land, while the sun blooms like a flower
And along with a bountiful bunch of colorful leaves, I whip through the air like a feather

The red leaves whisper, and the yellow leaves sing

The leaf leaves home

About a bright future life that is known as spring
As the approaching winter lingers in the oak and maple trees
I listen to the autumn music, and think of my family

It hurts my heart to think that I left them hanging helplessly
As the wind takes me into the bright blue sky, and tells me to say goodbye
But I know it must be done, and I must go on my own
For growing up is tough, and sometimes you must do it alone

The autumn scene is, no doubt, a beautiful sight to behold
But now that I am far from home, it spares me no ease at all
Perhaps one day soon, I shall find peace and wisdom among the trees
But for now I will remain a little lost leaf



By: Betty C.

A beam of light

Break through the trees

As a soft breeze

Help the leaves fly

Like cardinal birds

A crunch with each step

Towards the top 

Pushing branched aside

With leaves bright as fire

The mountains like waves at a beach sunset

Through the glass sky

The Scarlet Tanager birds

Returned and left 

As each autumn

Goes by

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