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Fought over for years, Dogs or Cats?

The world’s biggest debate, which is better: dogs or cats? Many people have dogs and (for the most part) love everything about them. In fact, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 44.6% of America has dogs and only 26% have cats. Sure, dogs have their faults, but dogs are better than cats in almost every way possible.

Dogs are extremely loyal to their human owners, while cats aren’t as loyal. First of all, dogs are commonly known as “man’s best friend” while cats are known for being independent and having an attitude. Dogs have been domesticated by humans for over 13,000 years. Dogs are always going out of their way to pay attention and listen to their owners to try and make them happy.

Liam walking his dog

Unfortunately, some dogs are abandoned or abused by horrible owners who take advantage of the dog’s loyalty and kindness. When this happens, these dogs don’t try to defend themselves or attack their owners at all. If their owner leaves them, they repeatedly try to run back to their owner. Dogs will always be kind, loyal, and by your side, no matter how you treat them.

Dogs can provide huge benefits to their owners, no matter how old or young they are. It’s been proven that dogs reduce owners stress by 69%, according to the American Psychiatric Association. Owning a dog means you have to take them on walks regularly, so they become more exercised and relaxed. This forces you to get exercise everyday, as you should at least walk your dog ½ a mile. Senior citizens have been shown to reduce distress, loneliness, while improving the overall quality of life, as stated by American Humane. Walking dogs, and even petting them has been proven to be beneficial in senior citizens. 

Say you’re driving and you come across a crosswalk. There’s a blind person with a dog leading them. Yup, a dog. Never a cat. Dogs, since they have been around humans for 13000+ years, can adapt to our needs and be trained for practically everything from White House Guards, bomb dogs, police dogs, rescue dogs, therapy dogs, and everything in between.    

One reason arguing that cats are better is that they are easier to take care of. Although cats may have this slight

Magnus’s Dog

advantage, you still have to feed them, give them water, etc. Dogs have to consistently be taken on walks, which forces their owners to exercise, like we stated in the previous paragraph. Additionally, dogs not only need walks, but require more attention and affection. Dogs will return this attention and affection, boosting your self-esteem and happiness. 

On top of all of this, cats ruin furniture. They will scratch up your couches, chairs etc. Would you rather have an animal that requires more attention, but forces you to exercise and boosts your self-esteem and your happiness or an animal that requires less attention but will destroy your furniture and won’t give you nearly as much benefits that the first animal gives?

Man’s best friend, dogs, are undoubtedly the better pets. Even though dogs have their minor downsides, the benefits they provide more than make up for it. Dogs, their joy, and their loyalty are the reasons why so many people around the world own a dog. Cats may be easier to take care of in small ways, but the benefits from dogs outweigh it tenfold. Ditch the cat, get your exercise, feel more happy, and experience what true loyalty is with a dog.

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