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Frost Roadways and Revelations

Frost Roadways and Revelations


First semester Journalism students celebrating the end of the semester and the publication of their stories in Frost Roadways and Revelations.

Journalism Elective: Ms. Champagne

Editors in chiefs of the Frost Newspaper:

Siyona K. (elective), Joelle R. (elective), Cate S. (elective) and Riley S. (journalism club)

Year-Long Journalism Elective Members:

Joelle R., Siyona K., & Cate S.

The Journalism Elective is an interactive and collaborative space to write stories with fellow student journalists, which are then published in the Frost Newspaper 🙂

Journalism Club run by Ms. Champagne & Ms. Sharma

Journalism Club Members:

Carson F., An Ngoc B., Angelo C., Austin J., Crystal H.

Journalism club is a fun place to share ideas, write, and talk about news both in our world and here at school.

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