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Plastic bags and other plastic floating in the ocean

Plastic Pollution – A Huge Problem

Lydia T. February 2, 2024

You’re on a hike in the mountains and you are taking in the beauties of nature, until you notice a plastic grocery bag floating in a stream.  Plastic Pollution is a major issue pressing the whole world...

Is going to the move theatre really worth it?

Which is better – Streaming Movies, or Going to the Theatre?

Avery B. February 2, 2024

Have you ever been to a movie theater and seen a movie with amazing graphics and surround sound? I know I have, and to me, that's a much better experience than watching it on a tiny screen at home. Is...

We Wanna Rock!

We Wanna Rock!

Daniel K. and Byron G. June 8, 2023
Every strum, every key, every note. It all comes together to make a wonderful song that soothes the ears and makes people want to get up and dance. There are many genres of music, but one that is the most diverse and certainly has been hiding in the shadows recently is Rock and Roll.
(Left): Happy Furball, age 5, cuddles up in his human’s lap after she’s had a long day. 
(Right): Photo by: Eliana C. of her dog

Cats vs. Dogs which are ultimately better?

Katie E. and Lorelai K. June 2, 2023
Cat lovers and dog lovers have been fighting this topic for millenia - which of these pets is best and easiest for you to take care of? Sure, both pets are great, but when it comes down to it, did dogs even stand a chance? Cats have been sailing through our hearts for a long time, and now it’s time to find out what makes them superior.
As long as the music Is non explicit and school friendly it should be allowed to inschools 
(Music credits to Taylor swift) 
(picture credit to Alyssa T.)

Listening to music should be allowed in schools

Riley S., Isla M., and Alyssa T. June 2, 2023
We think that music should be allowed in schools, because music has always created a sense of belonging for teens, or even just a safe space to relax and get away from stress.
Photo: Avery C.

Educational and workplace gender equality should be a priority

Eliana C. and Avery C June 2, 2023
Pay gaps, biased treatment, demoralizing stereotypes, unwarranted harassment, and the lack of representation. These are only a few blatant instances of the gender disparity we see all around us.
Four day school weeks - are they even possible?

Four day school weeks – are they even possible?

Samvit H. Cal K. June 2, 2023
Think of this, it’s a Friday morning and your alarm doesn’t ring, you're allowed to sleep in and don’t have school. Your mom doesn’t pressure you to wake up, and you have the whole day to kill. You could do some extra homework, you could play video games, or you could even sleep some more. Maybe this should always be the case.
Kiets custom-built PC that was built for $2000

Build Your Own Gaming PC Instead of Buying One: Here’s Why

Kiet T. June 2, 2023
Sure, you could buy your PC from these companies but what if you want an upgrade? What if it breaks?
Why Tennis Is Worth It

Why Tennis Is Worth It

Brooke H. May 31, 2023

Tennis is a great sport, one reason being that it has multiple health benefits. It’s a sport that you can play your entire life, and is very enjoyable and relaxing. Let's get into some of the reasons...

Students working on a group project in 1st period Journalism.

Group Projects Need a Revamp

Eleri H., Joelle R., Sunny R., and Trevor B. May 26, 2023
“It’s time to put the ‘u’ back in ‘group’!” - Joelle, Eleri, Sunny, Trevor
Cheating In Schools Is Getting Out Of Hand

Cheating In Schools Is Getting Out Of Hand

Cate S., Maggie W., Daniel K., Byron G., and Carl W. May 26, 2023
If everyone does it, it’s okay to do it right? I’ll only do it once. Then it happens again and again.
Junk food!

Middle Schoolers Should Eat Healthier

Annabella W., Blue K., Siyona K., Elise K., and Alex D. May 26, 2023
A familiar sight: teens slugging through the halls, their eyes wild with sugar. Stomachs rumbling, cheeto-covered finger tips. The culprit? Junk food. 
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