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MLK Writing Contest Winners


The Past As it Was

By: Najat M.

His voice echoed through the town,

proud and strong he stood,

Atop his head an invisible crown,

His mind and heart filled with good.

Gazing across the people’s stares,

minds filled with hatred bare.

Many stood with gleeful eyes,

Many evil with good disguise.

The sun was up

With clear blue skies,

Many poisoned heads

Filled with lies.

As he readied his mind, his heart, and his bed,

Aware of the risk

He began and said,

“I have a dream…”


A Tribute To Martin Luther King Jr.

By: Sophie G.

His life was threatened

But he kept marching

They bombed his house

But he kept marching

They locked him up

But he kept marching


He had every reason to stop

But he kept going

His horrible past


His hope for the future






American hero: Rosa Parks

By: Brooke S.

Sitting down

Most people stood up for justice

Rosa Parks sat down

Equality is what she fought for

Arrested for not giving up her seat

Just silly as can be

It’s like white people were kings and queens

And she was a maid

Sitting at the back of the bus

Was the only way

Doesn’t it all seem messed up now

Yet the world is still like this

Messed up people with messed up minds

Lets stop normalizing hate

And start normalizing love          


Honorable Mentions


By: Zoe P.

Martin Luther King Junior

He used his words to lead

He was a strong voice

He inspired so many through his actions and words

He was a voice for those who could not speak up for themselves

He was a spark of hope 

He helped so many even if he did not know them personally

He was an activist who spoke up against racism in the U.S 

Even Though he was arrested over 25 times he kept fighting for equality

He was the light for people when it was so dark

He comforted people and made them feel seen

He risked his life many times to abolish racism 

He stood in front of over 250,000 people to speak

He comforted people even through his pain

He fought for so many

He is a true American Hero


The “Moses of Her People”

By: Kaylin L.


She was born into poor living conditions

But that didn’t stop her

She had great ambitions

Which would soon change how things were


She fought and fought

To fight against evil

No matter how hard things could’ve got

She’d always fought for her people


As an Underground Railroad “conductor”

She was said to have never lost a “passenger”

She learned all the safest routes and the place’s structure

To make sure nothing ended in a massacre


With all this help, she freed hundreds of people

To give them all a better life for living

She did all of this to make people treat others more equal

And to give the gift of giving


So each day on March the 10th

Let’s celebrate this amazing hero who has been summoned

To help her people up until her death

The “Moses of Her People”, Harriet Tubman


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