Fairytale News Stories from Mrs. Champagne’s Journalism Classes

Wolf village gets attacked by rabid pigs

Last week we posted a story on the three little pigs fighting off the wolf attacks but little did we know who the real victim was.

“It was Christmas when I came home to my little village burned to the ground. I had gone out to the store to buy some presents to my family when I came home and saw the three little pigs walking away from my house.” Said the late Mr. Wolf.

After he found out, he had gone to the three little pigs to negotiate but he couldn’t get in. That’s when he tried to get in another way and was boiled up by the pigs.

“Looks can be deceiving.” Says police chief Mr. Fox. “We are charging these three juvenile pigs for 1st degree arson and 1st degree murder which will add up to 110 years in prison which will be more than enough for these three pork chops.


Sensitive Princess or Cursed Witch?

Recently, the Castle of the Lonely Prince reported that a lost and drenched woman tried to gain access, trying to get in to hide from the soaking rain. The prince of the castle, who lived inside, let the woman in. The woman claimed she was a princess, but the this is still heavily disputed.

“At first, it was really sketchy,” said the Prince, “ thought she was lying because how bad she looked in the rain.” To test the alleged princess, the Prince’s mother decided to put a single pea under twenty mattresses, where they invited the princess to stay until the rain went away. After the night, the princess reported that she had not slept well and felt like something lumpy had bruised her back.

The prince’s mother revealed the test, and the prince was convinced that she was indeed a true princess. “It felt really good to finally find true love,” stated the Prince, “No one has worked out for me until now, and I hope this will last.” The Prince and the Princess got married, and are now happily living together in the Prince’s castle.

Recently, however, there have been accusations that the princess was actually a witch, under the disguise of a wicked spell. Evidence to support this included the fact that it is not known where the alleged princess came from, and that she is often seen walking around the town, walking into a dark alley every night. The police chief  has become increasingly suspicious, saying, “Even the Prince seems off. I know that man well, and he never forgot to hold any public events until now. ”

Even so, we will never know the true story behind the mysterious princess and the pea.