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Frost Roadways and Revelations

Frost Roadways and Revelations

The School Spirit centered mural located in Frost’s Lobby.

Frost murals welcome new and old students alike.

Riley S. and Arya D. January 29, 2024

Murals are painted with  excitement and beauty for all to enjoy, and Frost wants in! Starting in November of 2023, Frost’s new school building will be accompanied by 10 new murals.  Many students...

The Eras Tour - A “Midnight Rain” show in Nashville

The Eras Tour – A “Midnight Rain” show in Nashville

Joelle R., Editor-in-chief May 30, 2023
FIRST WEEK OF MAY, 2023 - Nashville, Tennessee (AKA ‘The Music City’) was proud to welcome back their favorite singer and hometown girl, Taylor Swift. Tourism was high, spirits were higher, and then OOP---so were the storm clouds.
1st edition of The Martian on Wikipedia Commons - courtesy of Andy Weir

In ‘The Martian’, an astronaut faces death on planet far from home

Julia T. May 17, 2023
Have you ever thought about life on Mars? The book The Martian by Andy Weir is a captivating science fiction novel that proves it possible. The book was first self-published online on Weir's blog, but quickly picked up by a publishing company. Only a year later, the film adaptation was released. 
Frost Drama will Fascinate Audiences with Willy Wonka

Frost Drama will Fascinate Audiences with Willy Wonka

Blue K. April 24, 2023
The cast and crew at Frost Theatre Department have been hard at work since January to put together a smashing new musical for you: Willy Wonka!
Taylor Swift performing her song My Tears Ricochet during the Eras Tour. (Photo credits to Wikimedia Images)

Taylor Swift Creates a Lavender Haze of Excitement with the Start of The Eras Tour

Riley S. April 24, 2023
“It's Been a Long Time Coming…” sings Taylor Swift to mark the start of “The Eras Tour”, her first tour in four years since COVID. Ever since the first night of the tour on Friday, March 17th fans have been going crazy for the 3 hour long tour with a setlist of a mind blowing 44 songs.
E. Lockhart on Family of Liars – Exclusive Interview, Joelle R.

E. Lockhart on Family of Liars – Exclusive Interview, Joelle R.

Joelle R., Editor-in-chief January 18, 2023
“I just feel so lucky that things I made up in my head almost ten years ago are a part of other people's imaginations now… that’s the miracle of telling stories and putting something in print… people in a city I’ve never been to or a totally different generation who have totally different lived experiences than me, can still see the inside of my head. That’s a magic job.” --E. Lockhart, 2022

Luca: A movie about Friendship and Fun

Markella L. January 17, 2023
Luca is set in a fictional town in the Italian Riviera, Luca is a young sea creature living off the coast of the Italian town Porto Rosso. His biggest wish is to explore the town of Porto Rosso. There he meets new friends and makes some enemies along the way.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, A Review

Carson F. January 9, 2023
The Cursed Child is a spinoff to “Harry Potter.”  Published as a book, the story was taken to Broadway.  The play focuses on Harry's child Albus, and his struggles going to school at Hogwarts. His father plays a big role in his social life, as he saved the wizarding world in an epic battle against Voldemort and his dark army. Albus is often ridiculed about this at Hogwarts, as some kids disagree with the actions that his father made.
Beetlejuice fan art wall

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! A review of the award winning broadway show.

Riley S. January 9, 2023
“You’re invisible when you're sad.” Lydia Deetz, played by Elizabeth Teeter, sings softly. Except, this girl definitely wasn’t invisible. Hundreds of audience members sat in the Marquis theater listening eagerly and excitedly to the play Beetlejuice.
Siyonas guitar and violin---two instruments in the string family.

The Benefits of Playing an Instrument

Siyona K., Editor in chief January 9, 2023
Whether you choose strings, percussion, keyboard, brass or woodwind- playing an instrument has a large positive impact on your life.
A Taylor Swift vinyl.

Mayhem at Midnight

Isra A. October 26, 2022
Taylor Alison Swift, music sensation, announced the release of her tenth studio album, “Midnights”, on August 28, 2022 at the VMAs on stage. Even with all of her cryptic messages, no one was expecting that to happen.
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