National Poetry Month Contest Winners

National Poetry Month Contest Winners

The Whispering Mountains

Lori E

The fields awakened to the light of the warm sun, fueling their very being.

The mountains whispered to each other, sharing the mysteries of this land.

The moon was still there, a white speck in the bright, blue, beautiful sky. 

The ocean still, not a wave to be seen.

This is the land of the unknown, 

the land of the wondering, 

and the land of the mysterious. 

Beings have dwelled here for millennia, but not one soul knows what. 

Alone, they are.

There, laying in the fields of gold, was Aeronwen.

Her silk hair, her white skin.

Her diamond eyes, her flowing hair.

Wise, she was, for she was the keeper of this world. 

Her gleaming dress, her fair voice, it was as if she was the sun and the moon. 

The roses bloomed, and the daisies sang, while the sunflowers swayed in the morning breeze. 

The Kiwis chirped their flightless song, yearning to soar above the valleys and meadows,

with their beaks shining in the everlasting sunlight of this old, forgotten world.

 When it says, “The Kiwis chirped. . .” it sounds weird, but I am not talking about the fruit. Kiwis are a bird, and are actually the national bird of New Zealand.

How to pronounce Aeronwen (my version): {uh-ren-win – means “fair”, “blessed”, “white” – Welsh origin.}

What inspired me for this poem was J.R.R. Tolkien’s the Lord of the Rings.


Seasons by

Ellie M.


Endless days of cool weather,

Rain pouring onto our faces,

Beautiful blooming flowers,

Going hiking by the lake.


Endless days of chilling with friends,

Tanning in the sun,

Late night swims,

Gazing at the stars.


Endless days of boring school,

Unending piles of bright colored leaves,

Trick-or-treating at midnight,

Laughing with your new friends.


Endless days of magical snow,

Sipping scalding hot chocolate,

Warming up by the fire,

Opening up presents on Christmas day.


The Saviors of Earth

Yvonne L.

Inspired by “Home” in the book Breakout by Kate Messner

The biggest threat to the Earth is thinking that someone else will try and save it.


                                                    Earth is our home. The place that we belong. The

                                                                                    Earth gives us life. Our biggest

                                   goal should be preserving and saving our planet.  A threat

                                   to the planet is people not realizing they could help too. To

                                                                this day, more and more people realize the

                                                                                          Earth needs help. Our Earth

                                               is suffering from people who are selfish. The Earth is

                                                    suffering from people who don’t care. By thinking

about and putting in effort to help the Earth, the Earth will love you back. That

                              someone that helps, will be the savior of Earth. That someone

                                                                                  that helps, will help someone else.

                                               As we learn more and more about our planet, we will

                                                                                                                   find ways to try

                                                                                                          and help it. We, and

all our other fellow humans, let’s get together and all be saviors of Earth. Save

          Earth, because it’s our home, our only home, and we should try to save it.