Taylor Swift Creates a Lavender Haze of Excitement with the Start of The Eras Tour

Taylor Swift performing her song My Tears Ricochet during the Eras Tour. (Photo credits to Wikimedia Images)

Taylor Swift performing her song “My Tears Ricochet” during the Eras Tour. (Photo credits to Wikimedia Images)

“It’s Been a Long Time Coming…” sings Taylor Swift to mark the start of “The Eras Tour”, her first tour in four years since COVID. Ever since the first night of the tour on Friday, March 17th fans have been going crazy for the 3 hour long tour with a setlist of a mind blowing 44 songs.

“It’s a spectacular tour, and I wish I could afford to go.”  commented Ivy J., and she’s definitely right. Prices for this tour have been skyrocketing.

Because of the huge demand for tickets thousands of Swifties (Taylor Swift fans) have been unable to get ahold of tickets. Now that the tour has already started, tickets, even for seats with obstructed views, have been re-selling for over $500.

Olivia L, a long time Swfitie and student at Frost attended the Reputation tour back in 2018. She commented, “To get tickets for the reputation tour my mom just had to log on and get tickets with presale. On the other hand getting tickets for the eras tour is nearly impossible. You have to get in the presale queue early and even then you have an extremely low chance to get tickets.”

In comparison, Harvard has a 5% acceptance rate while the chances of someone getting eras tour tickets are from 2%-3%. Fans who did get their hands on tickets were extremely lucky!

Olivia, although disliking the way presale was executed still loves the way the tour is going so far, “She has two surprise songs every night so it keeps you on your toes, even if your not attending the concert in person”

Swift has always been known to blow the expectations of fans and critics all away. One unique moment was when she transitioned between songs by diving under the stage. 

Another fun moment was when Swift handed her signature black hat to Selena Gomez’s sister, Gracie during the song “22”. This will be a moment she’ll treasure forever!

Many people love Taylor Swift, and some love her enough to get married during the Eras tour! One couple in particular, René Hurtado and Max Bochman decided it would be a great idea. They exchanged vows during the concert, and it was a magical moment for the newly wed couple.

Overall Taylor Swift has had huge success and The Eras Tour is a groundbreaking moment in music history. Hopefully for the next tour, tickets will be handled better and more Swifties will be able to hear their favorite Taylor Swift songs performed live.