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How to stay organized

“I would recommend starting with something small, whether it’s their room or home, and finding a strategy for one goal.” said Kim Kelshian, occupational therapist and mom to two.

Kelshian is an occupational therapist who works for the school system. She tries her best to stay organized and helps her students stay organized in their everyday life. This helps all of them find things easier and be on time to important events.

There are many ways to stay organized like keeping a calendar in your room or kitchen that is visible to everyone to keep track of practices and events. Organizing regularly will help you stay clean because when you organize frequently it isn’t too hard to clean when you do it again..

“It helps me have a calm environment, and to stay on top of deadlines, appointments, and kids activities.” Kelshian said.

Kelshian uses the calendar on her phone for anything that happens outside of work and she uses a calendar or agenda for things that happen in work or that she has to get to right after work. She marks off when she sees a student or when something is done on her calendars to keep track of what she is doing.

Staying organized helps you focus and gives you a calm environment to work and live in. It is good for your mental health to stay organized so you are not stressed to find something or are stressed because of your dirty environment. If you use something in your home, put it back into the place where you found it so you know where it is anytime you go to get it.

“I set small goals for myself each day so I can accomplish what I need to, even on a busy day.” claims Kate Chiller, Preschool teacher and mom of three. 

Chiller is always looking for ways to stay clean and organized in her daily life. With her kids, she tries to create healthy cleaning and organization habits for around the house. 

“Lists and realistic small goals of things to accomplish, and if it’s a large task I wait until I have time.”

Chiller uses a family calendar to keep track of everyone’s sports and events throughout the week. She also organizes her bookcase so everything is in order and visible. Keeping schoolwork in order helps prevent chaos in the morning when everyone is going off to school at different times.

If you are unsure where things go and where to put them, try labeling cabinets or drawers, so that you can find everything easily and more efficiently. Organizing is a very helpful skill to have your entire life because it is important to know how to organize things like your office at work, or your home to make good impressions and to have a healthy life.

“I believe an organized home helps keep stress levels down, people can find things when they need them.” Chiller said.

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