The End of the Rainbow – Winner of the Leprechaun short story contest

I quickened my pace. Each step felt like a burden, just another challenge before I reached the end goal: the end of the rainbow. There have been many stories about the end of the rainbow. Some say it is a sacred place, a place of sorcery, or most commonly, a pot of gold is found there. 

The journey had already been long; I could only hope I was near the end. At times the rainbow was just a bright ribbon in the sky, clear and vibrant. Other times, it faded to the point where it was almost gone, lingering as a colorful mist. Whatever the appearance, I knew the end of the rainbow held great power.

I climbed hills, logs, and rocks, keeping my eyes on the rough and hilly terrain, but glancing up every few steps to ensure that the rainbow had not disappeared. After what felt like hours, I ultimately began to get the feeling that I was getting close. Suddenly, I saw a flash of blinding light.

The rainbow came in full force. I became surrounded with a spectrum of colors, and the colors swam in front of my eyes. Dazzled, I shielded my eyes from the light and found that I couldn’t block any light. In one instance, the light had disappeared, and a black brass pot had appeared in front of me. The rainbow was nowhere to be seen.

Slowly, I lifted the lid of the pot, expecting to see it filled to the brim with gold. Instead, I found a faded piece of paper, with a note scrawled messily, as if it had just been written. I bent down to observe it, only to find that it wrote: “The journey is never over. Keep looking, for maybe you will find another rainbow..”