Luca: A movie about Friendship and Fun

Luca is set in a fictional town in the Italian Riviera, Luca is a young sea creature living off the coast of the Italian town Porto Rosso. His biggest wish is to explore the town of Porto Rosso. There he meets new friends and makes some enemies along the way. 

Luca is a great movie for pre-teens and kids to watch. One main plot point is open mindedness. When Luca wanted to go and explore the “human world” his mother got scared. Even though Luca’s mother threatened to send him to live in the deep with his uncle. Luca still took the risk and went to Portorosso. At first, his mother got extremely mad at him, although after a while she let go and understood that she needed to step outside of her comfort zone and let Luca decide what’s best for himself. 

Another thing Luca talks about is friendship and trust. In Portorosso, he meets his two best friends, Giuilia and Alberto. They have lots of fun together and team up for the Porto Rosso Cup. Meanwhile, Alberto and Luca keep hiding their identity from people, since they don’t want them to know that under that human body are their sea monster scales. 

Overall, Luca is a great and entertaining coming-of-age movie that has lots of inspiring messages. It inspires us to do simple things, like try something new, and become our own person.