Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! A review of the award winning broadway show.

Beetlejuice fan art wall

Beetlejuice fan art wall

“You’re invisible when you’re sad.” Lydia Deetz, played by Elizabeth Teeter, sings softly. Except, this girl definitely wasn’t invisible. Hundreds of audience members sat in the Marquis theater listening eagerly and excitedly to the play Beetlejuice.

Beetlejuice, an original motion picture directed by Tim Burton, has been adapted into a musical with music and lyrics by Eddie Perfect. The adaptation has been a huge hit with fans of the original movie, and brand new fans as well. The story follows Barbara, Adam, and Lydia as they navigate life, grief, and even death. Lydia is suffering through the loss of her mother when she meets Beetlejuice, a strange ghost unhappy with his dull life. He offers Lydia a solution to her grief, but it could have dangerous consequences.


The play takes place in New York City at the Marquis theater.  Upon entering you pass a stunning wall with lots of beautiful and unique fan art of the show. Before finding your seat you can buy food, drinks, and merchandise. They have a wide variety of shirts, pins, and even tote bags and socks. The drinks come in  reusable cups you can bring home and the food and drink itself (slushies, candy, popcorn.) tastes great!  The merchandise is all very nice quality and although they are expensive they are definitely worth the purchase if you’re interested, and want to have something to remember your trip by. 


On the night of this review Beetlejuice was played by Andrew Kober, and he was phenomenal. The raspy style of Beetlejuice’s voice is hard to master, but Kober did a wonderful job. Alex Brightman usually plays beetlejuice, Kober was a substitute but I couldn’t even tell because of how good of an actor he was. Elizabeth Teeter as Lydia was incredible. Her singing range was impressive and you could really feel some deep emotions while watching her act. The play, along with being emotional and filled with incredibly talented actors, is hilarious. I found myself nearly crying with laughter at some of the jokes!

Overall Beetlejuice was worth the expensive ticket price, because of how amazing the cast and music were. If you’re interested I would highly recommend buying a ticket, or at least listening to the soundtrack. I’m “dead” serious when I say that Beetlejuice is one of  the best shows currently on Broadway!