We Wanna Rock!

We Wanna Rock!

Every strum, every key, every note. It all comes together to make a wonderful song that soothes the ears and makes people want to get up and dance. There are many genres of music, but one that is the most diverse and certainly has been hiding in the shadows recently is Rock and Roll.

Rock and Roll contains many sub genres within its large base, which provides the listener with different experiences with many varieties such as Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, Indie Rock, Punk Rock, etc. These Genres make up the large fan base of Rock and Roll as a whole.

Many think that rock and roll is satanic and evil, but this is not the case. Many bands such as Metallica actually have anti-drug use stances in their songs although they may sound ”satanic” or evil. Other bands may reference religion but most of the big ones do not correlate with evil or Satanism at all. Christian Rock is actually another sub genre of rock n roll and has many famous bands such as the Newsboys who appeared in the movie God’s Not Dead.

Rock N’ Roll had its first massive uprising in the mid 70’s and 80’s with bands like Metallica, Black Sabbath, ZZ Top, Blue Öyster Cult, and Heavy Metal band Megadeth. These Bands produced record breaking songs that would hit number one on the billboard within a few days of being released. Many of these bands saw success and even Later bands like Nirvana with their hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit” managed to clock in numbers on the billboard’s hot 100. Rock N’ Roll was in its prime, or so people thought. Many people slowly started to turn away from Rock as new generations went towards genres like Pop and hip-hop.

Has Rock N’ Roll disappeared? We hope not!

A recent study done in 2018 by Statistica shows that only 28% of today’s youth actively listens to Rock Music. Rock N’ Roll has been slowly dipping in popularity among the youth. Older people still listen to rock music, but once they are gone, who will carry the torch of the electrifying genre of Rock N’ Roll.

Rock N’ Roll has been a staple genre of music for decades, being with us in times of war, with songs like Fortunate son. It’s been with us through periods of greatness and periods of struggle. For every hardship and every success, Rock N’ Roll has always been there to capture the hearts of music enthusiasts around the world. So the question now is, will it survive?