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Mr. White the touchdown of a teacher!

Mr. White, amazing educator and football coach!

As the crowd cheered and the ball flew through the air, IT WAS CAUGHT TOUCHDOWN, the Cavaliers won!  Mr White is more than a staff member here at Frost, he is an inspirational coach, and a fun person to be around.

From a young age Mr. White’s opinions changed drastically about what he wanted to do when he grew up. “When I was a kid I would watch TV and  I would see all the cool things people were doing.” stated Mr. White, “So of course, I wanted to be a Doctor, then I wanted to be an astronaut, at one point I wanted to be a NFL player.”  These interests all tie back to Mr. White now, even if he isn’t an astronaut flying around in space.  

One particular person who inspired him to get involved with the school community was his college football coach. The reason he loved his coach was because he treated everyone the same no matter what. If you were the worst at football you would get as much playing time as the best football player.

His coach saw the best in everyone and Mr. White likes to keep these ideologies alive today. “Even people who are buttheads still have nice qualities about them. Everyone has good in them.” he laughed.

He does not only work at Frost he also works at Woodson as a football coach, but he is mostly at Frost. Nonetheless you will see him at any Woodson football game, rain or shine,  cheering on the sidelines for his players with extreme enthusiasm. 

Mr. White used to play college football so he loves to still be connected to the sport. Plus, he also loves to teach the sport to kids. He enjoys seeing how happy football makes them, almost, how he used to love the sport. 

He says “Football teaches a lot of life lessons including discipline and hardwork.”

Other than football Mr White also loves working lunch duty because he loves seeing all the kids.  Mr White loves to fish with friends but he also has a little boy and he loves to play and spend time with him.

When Mr White was a teenager he went to West Potomac High school he still wants his old school’s team to do well but when it comes to Potomac vs Woodson, he is team Woodson, forever. Other than being team Woodson he is also team you. Any student at Frost or Woodson he is rooting for and just like football, with his help you’re sure to see a touchdown.

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