Mr. Murphy – Great teaching runs in his family

Here is Mr. Murphy a 7th grade history teacher at Frost Middle School.

“I love teaching history, it’s an interesting topic, it’s really fun,” Mr. Murphy said. His favorite part of history to teach

about is the Cold War. He says there are so many crazy stories of spies that not a lot of students know about and kids get really into learning about them.

It’s his 11th year here in Fairfax County teaching. He loves to see  kindness from young people and he believes that it makes Frost a special place. 

Mr. Murphy went through Fairfax County as a student – he went to Robinson for middle school and high school. He wishes that he could have went to Frost during his time as a student. “I hope students realize how special this place is,” he said.

Murphy describes himself as patient, optimistic, and accepting of others.

If he could have any other job, he would love to work for a sports team.  But, let’s all hope Mr. Murphy doesn’t leave teaching.

He has three older sisters who also teach for Fairfax County.

Taking a dive into his personal life, he enjoys watching sports, spending time with family – which includes his wife,  a little boy named Jack and 2 dogs.  He also loves playing video games –  especially FIFA on his Xbox. He loves the Capitals because his dad watches it with him. 

If you ever need someone to talk to, come to Mr. Murphy. He is a nice guy and he’ll be there for you.