Are Electric Cars the key to a Clean Environment?


Tesla model 3 next to a KIA EV6.

Electric cars are expensive, but why are they more expensive than gasoline cars?

If you drive only short distances, the savings aren’t great. Even if you got electricity for free, you’d save only about 20 cents per km. If you drive long distances you would have to charge your EV battery more times than a car that runs on gasoline. Saving on fuel isn’t the only reason people buy electric cars over gas cars. You might save a little bit of money on taxes, but you will pay more for tires and lose a bit of time charging up on road trips too.

A tesla model 3 uses about 13 kWh per 100km. Filling up with fuel would cost around $12 per 100km, which would be about $2 a liter and a bit over 6L/100km. The saving of electric driving is at about 8 cents for every kilometer driven. Fully charged EV batteries can travel 250 miles while gas cars can travel 300 miles per full tank. You have to charge electric cars more often. Your savings could be raised or lowered, depending on how you maintain it. 

The electricity needed to charge your car is produced by burning fossil fuel and only 12% of it comes from renewable energy sources. The electric vehicle has emitted 10 to 20 tons of carbon dioxide (from the mining, manufacturing and shipping) before it even gets to your driveway. In about 50 weeks(at a fast rate), factories would be producing up to 350,000 electric cars. This means that the maximum output of 330,000 units annually envisioned when the plant was converted from a 100% ICE plant to a 100% BEV plant a few years ago – was already reached. Which means that about 1.5 million pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Volkswagen announced that 10 new electric car models are going to be made by 2026, and that 100% electrification around 2030.It means that within about 10 years, the company will be producing only battery-electric cars and so will all other car companies in America.

There is a big border between electric cars and gasoline cars, and people like different things. It’s hard to tell whether electric cars save or destroy the environment, but I guess we’ll find out in a couple years.