Why Tennis Is Worth It

Tennis is a great sport, one reason being that it has multiple health benefits. It’s a sport that you can play your entire life, and is very enjoyable and relaxing. Let’s get into some of the reasons why tennis is a great sport!

Tennis Racket

Tennis is a good sport because it has a lot of health benefits. It can increase your reaction time; it’s a pretty fast paced sport and you need quick reaction time. I myself am a tennis player, and I have noticed that my reaction time has quickened.  According to WebMD,  studies have shown that playing tennis on a regular basis lowers your risk of heart disease by up to 56%.  

Furthermore, tennis is a great sport that you can play your whole life! It’s a low impact and non contact sport. According to the Columbia Association it has been found that tennis can add 10 years to your life. One way to start playing is by learning how to hit the ball properly with your racquet, and it helps you stay active!

However, tennis may not always be safe or fun for everyone. If people don’t have the right mental mindset, tennis can be very frustrating. Losing points and games can make tennis less enjoyable. Playing tennis is tiring and it is very easy to get hurt. You may risk things such as rolling your ankle. As a tennis player, I have gotten hurt many times.

In conclusion, playing tennis can benefit your health by increasing reaction time and lower the risk of heart disease. It can be played your whole life and has a chance of increasing your lifespan. All in all, tennis is a great sport, and has a lot of benefits; more people need to play tennis and experience the great benefits of the sport.