The Pure Joy of a Pandemic Pup

Eliana C. with her dog

Eliana C. with her dog

Have you ever wanted a puppy? Eliana C. really did. Eliana is a seventh grader at Frost MS, who went through an experience many kids did during the COVID 19 pandemic. 

During the pandemic, many kids were bored, and tired, and needed some exhilaration. Many kids were searching for fuzzy, furry, friends to solve their problems.

Eliana had a plan.

She and her classmates at Canterbury Elementary School put together a slideshow to sell her parents on the idea of getting a puppy. She already had a dog, but eight paws are better than four.

Her parents must have been convinced, because a few months later, her parents had a surprise for little Eliana. She was going hiking…

Eliana passionately remarks, “Now I personally, do not like hiking.” She donned her hiking clothes, and hopped into her mom’s car to drive to their hiking destination. Eliana describes her destination, “It was a flat grassland with lots of flowers and a farm.”

Turns out her parents killed the surprise, and unfortunately arrived two days early. It wasn’t a hiking destination, it was the farm housing her new puppy.

Eliana stood in front of her puppy, “small, very yellow, like neon yellow, she would always wobble around when she walked, she was still just a little baby,” Eliana states.

I named her Lola, “Because it just seemed to fit her energy, I would be like, Lola, it just suited her.” Lola is a sweet little golden retriever. 

“Having Lola is like having sunshine on a rainy day.”

Eliana still has Lola to this day, and enjoys every second she spends with her.