FIFA Mobile Game- Revolutionary Graphics, Game Play, and Design

Photo from Unsplash.

Photo from “Unsplash”.

I was in utter shock. After trying for so long, I had finally won the match. I always hated EA’s pay to win system (essentially, the more you pay, the better you are), but this game was totally different. How could a development studio like EA produce such revolutionary graphics, gameplay, and designs? At first I shook my head, refusing to believe this was going to last. Surely, the paywall would loom closer and closer with each win, beckoning me to spend every last penny in my wallet.

But that event never happened. As I progressed further, I scolded myself for ever thinking that this game was pay to win. And while yes, at first I struggled with the gameplay, I soon found the controls and mechanics like gliding on a breeze. Soon, I had legendary players such as Ronaldo, Messi, and Beckham on my team. Even as this article is being written, I am saving up for others like Pele, R9, and Ronaldinho. The gameplay is exquisite, focused mainly on creating your own team.

Now, imagine this. You’re the manager of a newly created football team, and your only goal is to be the best of the best. So you chase after that goal, and take your shot again and again and again until you eventually score. But if managing your own newly created team isn’t for you, you can instead choose to manage teams that really do exist, such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Arsenal, and more. You can buy and sell players, however buying prices will be very expensive, so think before you sell.

A key aspect of the buying and selling process is buying players while they’re cheap, and then making them expensive by your own means, then selling them for a good price. Trust me, you should buy cheap world-class players, then sell them later.

After the beginning of the World Cup in Qatar, FIFA Mobile added a new game-changing update- for the better, believe me- which allows players of the game to form teams and participate in the World Cup, adding on to the already immense realism this game has. I’ll admit, the update made the game more difficult at certain stages. Even now, I struggle with the game. But that doesn’t make it a bad game. I enjoy the game wholly, with all the challenges included. 

All in all, this game is a great game, and I hope you decide to get it and enjoy it as I did and do, and have a good time and experience.