Frost MUN Team Wins Best Delegation at GWCIA

Frost Delegates At The Conference

Frost Delegates At The Conference

 The Greater Washington Conference on International Affairs(GWCIA) is an annual conference for middle school students, and is hosted by the George Washington University International Affairs Society. 

On November 12th, 2022, the Frost Model UN Team attended GWCIA XXVII, a major conference with more than 400 attendees. Frost delegates participated in 10 of the 12 committees, and won 6 awards, with one verbal commendation, one outstanding delegate, and 4 best delegates, the highest honor available to a delegate. More importantly, Frost won Best Delegation, which is an award given to the best school in a conference.

GWCIA was the first time that Frost has won Best Delegation since its founding, and GWCIA is one of the largest conferences in the D.C. area. Frost won 1 Best Delegate in a General Assembly, 2 Best Delegates in Specialized Committees, and 1 Best Delegate in a Crisis Committee. 

GWCIA was a great experience for most delegates. When asked whether he enjoyed GWCIA, Ian Gonzalez, a delegate who represented Panama in a General Assembly, SPECPOL, said, “Yes. It was a new experience, I learned a lot, and it was fun to talk with people.” Ian also said that he would recommend MUN to anybody who wants to sign up next year, because “You learn so much about writing and speaking, and you get to go places.”