What’s up with Netflix and serial killers?


Getting ready to watch “Dahmer”.

*Disclaimer: most of the media mentioned is not approved for middle school audiences.*

There are over 1,500 TV shows and movies on Netflix and 20% are documentaries. Netflix is known for having a lot of their documentaries about serial killers, but lately people have been having problems with these types of TV shows and movies because of the way they just excuse the actions that these people have made. In my point of view, this is wrong and here’s why.

September 21st 2022, The show “Dahmer” was released and since it’s been released, a lot of controversy has been going around about it. People have been sharing their opinions about how Netflix glamorized the whole show and how they did it without Dahmer’s fathers consent. Which is leading his father to sue Netflix. During the show, when families were in court, they weren’t as emotional and the acting just didn’t seem right nor accurate.

Also communities on social media have been romanticizing Jeffrey Dahmer. The reason for this is because the producers often use attractive actors to play the role of the serial killer. Evan Peters who is the actor for Jeffrey Dahmer is found super attractive by younger generations, which leads to the romanticizing. That also means that people will ignore the actions and will forget that they are calling a criminal hot. There is also a documentary about Ted Bundy and again producers have used an actor who is found very attractive by people. Again the actions of Bundy were ignored.

This is unfair to the families of the victims because no one is paying attention to how criminals have affected their lives by taking a loved one. Those families are most likely still alive and have to deal with the constant shows dedicated to their deceased family member. But do you really think that those families have any say or get anything from these constant TV shows and movies being made? Obviously not.

But at the end of the day, these TV platforms aren’t going to stop making these shows and movies since they know they will make a lot of money because of it. Personally I think they should do better when it comes to these gruesome topics.