Review: The 100

Author of “The 100,” Kass Morgan.

The 100, by Kass Morgan, is a great read that I enjoy reading. It is action-packed, mysterious, and humorous. Here is the plot of the story; Earth has been deserted for years after the Cataclysm, a nuclear explosion on Earth wiping out almost the entire population.

But some people made it to the emergency spaceships just in time.   

Now everyone lives in the Colony, three groups of spaceships, Phoenix the main ship and then Arcadia and Walden, the outer ships. People who misbehave or break the rules get put into Confinement, if you’re older than 18 you are immediately executed. Fast forward 300 years.

The Colony is slowly failing to sustain so many people on the ships, that is why the Chancellor has made the decision to attempt to send one hundred juvenile delinquents to Earth to see if it is safe and can support humans. The first 100 teens that go into Confinement during this time will be sent on the suicide mission to Earth.

Clarke is training to be a doctor on Phoenix when she is taken into Confinement for a reason which is a mystery. Wells is the Chancellor’s son, he was raised to be the perfect son. But Wells is anything but perfect, he tries to get into Confinement for a certain person. Bellamy is a headstrong, protective person, he lives on Walden with his illegal younger sister, Octavia.

When Octavia gets taken into Confinement, Bellamay goes after her. Glass is a 17-year old that lives in Phoenix with her mother. Glass gets taken into Confinement for a reason which you will find out. 

Read the 100 to unravel mysteries and find yourself on cliffhangers at the end of every chapter. The 100 is an exciting read that I highly recommend to high schoolers and adults.