Cheating In Schools Is Getting Out Of Hand


If everyone does it, it’s okay to do it right? I’ll only do it once. Then it happens again and again. Cheating on schoolwork amongst students is higher than ever, and students are no longer doing their own work. Students need to stop cheating. 

First of all, when you cheat, you don’t learn. Since you aren’t really doing the work, you don’t actually learn it. When a situation comes about when you can’t cheat, what are you going to be able to do?

Cheating goes against morals and you will feel extremely guilty after you cheat. It is common sense.  According to a study done by the University of Illinois, students who cheat on average are more likely to suffer from a low self esteem and a loss of self-respect. 

A common reason for cheating is fear of failure. When students are afraid to fail, they may cheat to increase their grade. However, cheating is completely unnecessary when you have study guides, and teachers to turn to for help on schoolwork. When it comes to regular class students who struggle to learn or don’t have time to study at home should take it up with a teacher.

Students cheating has become a problem in our school too, as if you ask student she/he will tell you that they have most likely seen another student cheating.

In conclusion, students should stop cheating, because you won’t learn anything, you will feel guilty and you have plenty of resources to stop cheating. You should just ask for help when you can’t stop cheating.