Midway: the Backstage of World War 2

I have watched many World War 2 movies before, but have not found one as enjoyable as Midway!

Midway is a World War 2 movie from 2019 about the building up to and the Battle of Midway, which has an IMDb rating of 6.7. It stars Ed Skiren as Dick Best, Woody Harrelson as Chester Nimitz, Patrick Wilson as Edwin Layton, Luke Evens as Wade McClusky, Aaron Eckhart as Jimmy Dolittle, Dennis Quaid as Willam Halsey, and Nick Jonas as Bruno Gaido.

Midway follows the story of Edwin Layton, Dick Best, and Jimmy Dolittle. Edwin Layton is an intelligence officer that figured out when the Battle of Midway was going to happen. Jimmy Dolittle is an American bomber pilot that was part of the squadron that bombed Tokyo. Dick Best is an American pilot that fought in the Battle of Midway.

The movie also shows the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor from the view of Roy Pierce, an American pilot played by Alexander Ludwig. The story has scenes focused on the Japanese point of view–so the movie isn’t one sided. In the middle of the movie, Dick Best and his squadron attack the Marshall Islands. Midway also shows the audience about the challenges of being a soldier.

I think people will enjoy watching this movie regardless of their age, due to the history, action and suspense that the movie provides. You can find Midway on HBO Max.