Jack M. Makes a Mug Cake

Have you ever found something cool on the internet that you instantly learned how to do? Well, Jack M. quickly figured out how to make an Oreo Mug Cake by looking online. It was a recipe on TikTok, on his phone, and Milner decided to turn the text on the screen into a yummy reality. 

“I was on TikTok one day, and a video popped up talking about the recipe!” said Jack. The ingredients were all easy to find, thanks to his mother. The cake was mostly oreos and milk.

Jack’s mug cake!

Afterwards, he ate the cake, which was rather small, as it fit in a mug. It took only three minutes to make! It was crumbly, like a cake, but sweet and good! The cake was microwaved. Milner would want to make a cake again, as it was a good experience.

Jack’s favorite part of making the cake was smashing the oreos. However, he didn’t want to smash the coffee cup, so he didn’t smash too hard. He really enjoyed making the cake! Unfortunately, his parents could not try it. His dad was working in the garage, and his mom was allergic to the gluten.

Jack learned how to bake in FACS (Family And Consumer Science). FACS is a course in Fairfax County Public Schools about life at home, and includes sewing, baking, laundry, and other such chores. Milner preferred the baking part over the sewing.

“The sewing was harder, and the baking was more fun,” said Jack. He has continued baking, and plans to check back on Tiktok for more recipe ideas to make in the future.